Best Education Apps for iPad

Best iPad Apps for Coding


Kodable is an app for students ages 4 to 10. Over 50% of Elementary Schools in the United States trust this app.

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is a coding app from Apple. No coding knowledge is required to start. It makes learning to code fun.

Tynker. Fun Coding for Kids

Tynker is the number one coding platform for students. Over 60 million students and several thousands of schools use Tynker to learn to code.

Hopscotch-Programming for kids

With Hopscotch students can learn to code and maker their own games. Over 36 million games were created using Hopscotch.

Best iPad Apps for Math


IXL is all about personalized learning. It is use by more than 390,000 schools and over 300,000 parents. With this app students will be able to take their match skills to another level. Anywhere and anytime.


Brilliant is a fun educational app for ages 10 to over 100. Yes, even a 100 year old can have fun and learn using this app. You will learn math, science and computer science through fun, small problem solving adventures. App is great for beginners but also covers advanced topics for professionals.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a classic. This is one of the best educational apps you will find. Kids will learn anything and especially for free. From math, science, economics, finance, grammar, history, government, politics and much more.


MathTango makes learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division really fun for kids aged 5-10. Kids will learn more and learn faster with a unique, classroom tested combination of math puzzles and classic “world building” activities found in games. Wish we had this when we were in school.

Best iPad Apps for Science

Tappity: K-5 Science for Kids

Spark your child’s curiosity with Haley, Tappity’s science expert. Tappity was made by educators and storytellers. Tappity offers fun interactive lessons on more than 100 science topics.


Molecules tells the story of the elements to show how they are assembled into the rich diversity of compounds, chemicals, molecules, rocks, and things that make up our world.


TinyTap is the number one app in 24 countries for kids for parents who want to turn their kid’s screen time into an active learning experience. TinyTap is for kids